Public Input / Engineers Report on New Bridge Tonight 07 Feb 18

Pennington County Commissioners will host an information session tonight to gather public input on another Red Lake River Bridge, this one south of the Thief River Falls City Limits …
Our County Correspondent, Dave Burns ..

The meeting scheduled for tonight will be Pennington County’s first opportunity to discuss results of the final study from Houston Engineering and WSB Engineering for a proposed 4th crossing over the Red Lake River south of Thief River Falls.

The much discussed project has been on Commissioners radars for quite some time and is in the County’s five year plan.

Two location options for the proposed bridge have been discussed along with the otion of not building a 4th crossing.

Tonight’s session begins at 6pm at the Joint Use Facility on Veterans Memorial Highway / Thief River Falls West Side. The meeting is open to the public, everyone is welcome

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