A Thief River Falls man has been charged in Pennington County District Court with two counts of criminal sexual conduct after an incident at a party Dec. 28 in Thief River Falls.

Logan Gary Lane, 19, Thief River Falls, has been charged with felony third degree criminal sexual conduct and gross misdemeanor fifth degree criminal sexual conduct. The charges were filed Jan. 18.

The charges stemmed from a report to the Thief River Falls Police Department on Dec. 28 at about 5:30 p.m. According to the complaint, staff from the Sanford Medical Center Emergency Room reported that a woman was there, saying she was the victim of a sexual assault. Her sexual assault kit was taken into evidence for further testing.

The woman told police that she had attended a party a night earlier. She said she drank a large amount of alcohol and didn’t remember the previous evening. However, after feeling sore the next day, she called a female friend. The friend told her that Lane had had sex with the woman. She then went to the hospital. In another statement with police Jan. 3, the woman said she drank the majority of a half-liter of vodka mixed with orange juice.

The woman brought the alcohol to the party. She said she blacked out after drinking the alcohol. The next day, she remembered crying at some point the prior evening. Police obtained copies of Snaps sent between the woman and Lane on Snapchat. The woman told Lane that he had sexually assaulted her. Lane allegedly replied that it was a mistake and it didn’t need to be blown out of proportion. The woman said she gave consent to the party host, not Lane. Lane responded that the contact stopped once she wanted it to stop. The woman then said she was drunk.

In a written statement to police, Lane allegedly said the woman crawled into bed with him and began kissing him. At one point, she referred to him by the name of the party host. Lane said he told her his name and asked if she wanted to continue. Lane said the woman later performed oral sex on him. He said he was sexually touching her when she said she didn’t want to hurt Lane’s ex-girlfriend. The contact then stopped. Police spoke with four witnesses.

One man allegedly said the woman was already in a bed when he entered the bedroom. He indicated both Lane and the party host were in the room at the same time. At one point, the woman referred to Lane by the name of the party host. Once he believed Lane and the woman were having sex, he left the room and told other party attendees.

A second man allegedly said he walked into the bedroom, finding both Lane and the woman half naked in the same bed in the dark room. He said he heard the woman say, “You just let me be naked one time.” Upon hearing that Lane and the woman were engaged in sexual contact, the female friend ran into the room. She allegedly told police that she thought the contact was inappropriate because she needed to help the intoxicated woman walk to the bedroom earlier.

The friend said the woman had passed out and was unconscious when she left the woman in the bedroom. When the friend entered the room the second time, it appeared to her that Lane and the woman were having sex. Both had their pants down. She said she told Lane it was inappropriate since the woman had blacked out. The friend ordered Lane to get out of the room, which he did after a second friend entered the room. She said they calmed the woman down and the woman went to sleep.

The friend said she didn’t believe Lane was drunk. She said he was acting creepy toward the woman during the party. The party host said he believed the woman was drunk. He noted she was stumbling earlier in the evening. He thought the woman needed to lay down for her own safety in the bedroom. He allegedly said he didn’t believe Lane was “too intoxicated,” according to the complaint.

Thief River Falls Police Report
Author: TRF Police Report

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